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The Passing Rate of Judicial Examination in Jiangsu University School of Law Has Created New High

The Ministry of Justice opened the online channel for checking grades On November 30, 8 a.m. According to complete statistics, the passing rate of objective questions, subjective questions and total of Jiangsu University School of Law in 2018 was 71%, 89% and 62% , which has created new high.

Judicial Examination has the lowest passing rate in China. 2018 is the first year to reform the examination. Without the guidance and experience of the predecessors, law school students summed up the review methods of the examinations over the past years and paid great attention to the reformation by themselves and finally overcame the difficulties through keeping the pace of learning and reasonable arrangements. During the summer vacation, the students overcame the difficulties like inconvenience in school and high temperature and persevered in reviewing carefully. School rented air-conditioned classrooms for students, and the leaders often came to the classroom for the study situation of students . Entering the home stretch , students make full use of every minute to complete their tasks every day. Finally, they created a history for school, and drew a successful end to their efforts.

In the future, we hope that our dear students will continue to learn and apply the law and hand better answers for becoming the backbone of the country ruled by law.

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