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About us

In May 2011, the School of Humanities and Law of Jiangsu University is integrated by former School of Law and Chinese language and literature Department of former School of Humanities and Social Science in Jiangsu University. There are five professional majors: Law (Economic Law), Law (International Economic Law), Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Chinese Language and Literature (Teacher), Chinese Language and Literature (Senior Secretary abroad), with the first level of Marxism theory master's degree authorization center (built the same time as the School of Marxism).There are more than 1100 students and more than 80 faculty and staff, including 9 professors, 21 associate professors and 33 Ph.D.

The School of Humanities and Law keeps centering on teaching and takes active promotion in educational reform. It has taken part in significant projects about educational reform on provincial and municipal level for many times. Besides, since the school continues to update teaching contents and explore new teaching mode, the quality of education has got a stable increase. What’s more, was named the exquisite course on provincial level and , the second excellent course. In 2010 the Law major was selected as the university’s characteristic specialty and ranked as key discipline. Now, the “Humanities Lab” and “Practical and Teaching Center of the Law major” have been established, which provide a great teaching and experimental condition for the whole faculties and students.

The School of Humanities and Law persists in scientific research and discipline construction. Therefore, the scientific research team construction gets enhanced and the achievement incentives have improved. In recent years, there are 3 projects in research on national level, 10 on provincial level and over 40 on other levels. In addition, 18 works and teaching materials were published, and more than 400 academic theses came out, among which over 60% were published on National Chinese Core Journals and CSSCI. Besides, achievements of the research on Ancient Chinese Literary, Criminal Law and the History of Law are fruitful, which have won a certain reputation and influence.

The School of Humanities and Law focuses on personnel training and adheres to the work ethic—“cultivation as foundation, education as center and employment as guidance”. As a result, the school is in the forefront of dealing with student affairs. Recently, according to the statistics, the degree conferring rate of graduates is over 98%, the pass rate of national unified judicatory examination of law major has been 35%, the employment rate of graduates is over 97%, and the proportion of postgraduates is about 15%.

The School of Humanities and Law pays attention to academic exchanges with foreign and domestic academia. In recent years, many teachers have been sent to Confucius Institutes and devoted to teaching Chinese as a second language, where they learn a lot from some famous universities in U.S, Japan, Australia, Sweden and Finland. At the same time, experts and scholars from well-known universities at home and abroad were invited to the school and gave lectures as a part-time professor. In addition, the school further improves the service for local economy by means of setting up the “Legal Education and Crime Prevention Base” together with the Procuratorate of Jingkou Distinct in Zhenjiang as well as the “Law Teaching Base” with People's court of Economic Development Zone. In 2010, the school cooperated with Graz University in Austria to establish the first Confucius Institute. The students abroad are able to make full use of simulation practice base when teaching Chinese.

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Address:School of Humanities and Law, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212013, P.R. of China
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